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Our absinthes are distilled. We distill many botanicals: plants, seeds and herbs including of course the wormwood itself. Many of them are of own harvest. The blending is based on the traditional recipe of our distillery dating from the turn of the last century. The color is 100% natural (coming from a steeping of plants). We produce many different absinthes whose blending is different, and with various percentages of alcohol between 55% and 72%vol.
You can enjoy our absinthes either pure or with chilled water and sugar, or even in cocktails.
- Libertine ® ORIGINALE 55% vol. is the genuine one: well-balanced and not too strong. It’s the best product to begin with and for new absinthe drinkers.
- Libertine ® INTENSE 72% vol. is stronger and the taste is more “green” coming from the herbs and the taste of fennel is more intensive. Most of our customers consider it as our best absinthe.
- Libertine ® AMER 68% vol. is bitter, coming from the wormwood itself which is very bitter. The part of wormwood is bigger in this blending.
- Fleur d’Absinthe® 60%vol. with a bough of absinthe in the bottle.
- Accessories : spoon, fountain, tray, glasses, etc...

The traditional French Ritual for Absinthe:

• pour some Libertine ® into a glass
• place the absinthe spoon (a small slotted spoon) across the glass and put a sugar lump on the spoon
• pour some well chilled water slowly onto the sugar
• the sugar will dissolve in the water and gently pass through the holes in the spoon and into the absinthe
• when the sugar has completely dissolved, enough water has been added (about 4 volumes of water for 1 volume of absinthe)