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Dans les Hautes-Vosges...

Our Products

There is something for everyone in our wide range of products, which includes eaux de vie (fruit brandies), liquors, cream liquors, absinthe, gin, bitters for beer and more.

Our specialities

Mirabelle Plum spirits liqueurs brandies

Our roots are very firmly anchored in the region, with products that are typical of the Vosges and Lorraine.
Our Top Five:

· Jean de Nol® a blend of mirabelle plums and exotic flavours.
· Birabelle®, bitters for beer made from AOC Lorraine mirabelle plums.
· L’eau-de-vie de mirabelle, simply unmissable!
· L’Apéritif aux Bluets des Vosges®, bilberry, the taste of the Vosges
· La Liqueur de Sapin, made from the buds of fir trees in our forests, harvested in spring.

Epinal folk images

Epinal folk images labels La Fontaine's Fables

The people of the Vosges are proud of their heritage … and so is Lecomte-Blaise! Which is why we have selected a series of Images d’Epinal – folk images produced locally – to illustrate the labels of our eaux de vie, liquors, creams and aperitifs.

Check out the traditional images of La Fontaine’s Fables on our bottles, including the Fox and the Crow, the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, and the Hare and the Tortoise.

You could even start a collection!

Our list of awards

At Lecomte-Blaise, we have a constant concern for quality and excellence. We have one aim and that is to produce eaux de vie and liquors of exceptional quality. We work determinedly towards that goal every day.

This unending quest for perfection has seen our products recognised for their quality in an array of competitions. Just take a look at our list of awards!

Lecomte-Blaise 2024 catalogue

Look through our latest catalogue to see our full range.

Here at Lecomte-Blaise, we have always taken care of every last detail and we pay special attention to the presentation of our specialities by selecting bottles and carafes that really enhance our delicious beverages.

aperitif amer biere bitter

Essentials: our bitters

They are among your favorite products, you tell us! Our 3 bitters have taken their place around your aperitif tables.

They have in common gentian, cinchona bark and notes of orange. For the rest, each one has its particularity:

Birsapin® highlights the vegetal and fresh notes of mountain fir.

Birabelle® develops fruity flavors thanks to Mirabelle plum eau-de-vie.

Birtille® is reminiscent of red fruits with its tangy side.

cocktails aperitifs Jean-de-Nol to drink with friends

Cocktails and aperitifs

Lecomte-Blaise has been producing these specialities for many years now. A must-have for your drinks cabinet!
Jean de Nol® is Lecomte-Blaise’s emblematic cocktail. It blends mirabelle plums with exotic fruits for an unusual take on traditional Lorraine tastes.
Sauvageon® reveals all the subtlety of blackberry and raspberry.
Or why not try Birabelle®, a bitters for beer made from AOC Lorraine mirabelle plums, ideal in a cold lager.
Apéritif aux Bluets des Vosges® subtly showcases the best-known fruit of our region.

Other aperitifs include: Guignolet-Kirsch, a gentian-based aperitif, pastis and anisette, mulled wines and more.

brandies mirabelle plum distillation copper stills ageing

Eaux de Vie (fruit brandies)

We make some very fruity, intense and expressive eaux de vie using a traditional distillation technique in copper stills and a long ageing process.

Our Réserve selection is aged even longer, placed in glass demijohns and stored in our attics. There, after evaporation of the ‘angels’ share’ , our Réserve eaux de vie take on all their subtlety and roundness.

The classic collection: Mirabelle, Williams pear, damson, raspberry, kirsch, plum… The rare collection: Fir bud, gentian, ginger, sloe…

spirits Lecomte-Blaise

A vast choice of spirits

La Vieille Poire®: Our Williams pears are carefully selected then fermented, distilled and aged in glass demijohns up in our attics. La Vieille Poire® is matured in oak barrels, giving it its distinctive woody notes.
La Poire Prisonnière: the pear grows inside the bottle on the tree. Our Williams Pear eau de vie really brings out the fruit’s unrivalled taste.
Specially designed bottles: a large choice of originally designed bottles, such as fire engines, still-shaped trucks, and so on.
Cigar-shaped miniatures: 3 cl miniatures with a Havana-cigar style label. Sold single or in packs of 3 or a 5-bottle selection box: Cognac, Calvados, La Vieille Poire®, La Bonne Prune®, Mirabelle or Whisky.

cream liquors raspberry to mix with a wine

Cream liquors

Our fruit cream liquors are painstakingly produced from carefully selected fruits. The liquor is usually obtained by infusing fruit in alcohol, then filtering. The end result is bursting with fragrances and flavours.

Our fruit cream liquors can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail with a dry white wine, a Crémant sparkling wine or champagne.

Our specialities: Mirabelle, blackcurrant, vine peach, blueberry, blackberry…

traditional liquors cream-based liquors


Indulge yourself at aperitif time or after dinner. Our liquors can be sipped chilled as a cocktail or as a delicious way to round off a meal. Our vast selection will satisfy even the most discerning enthusiasts. You could even use them to douse a dessert or ice cream !

Local speciality liquors: Mirabelle, blueberry, fir, Vosges bilberry, etc …
Traditional liquors: Williams pear, fir, raspberry, …
Original liquors: Elder flower, pink grapefruit, bergamot, spice, rhubarb, violet, …
Gourmet cream-based liquors: Fleur de sel caramel, Madagascar vanilla chocolate, speculoos spice, mirabelle and cream, …

absinths Libertine natural made with plants

Libertine® absinthes

All our absinthes are distilled and prepared using around a dozen different plants: artemisia absinthium and artemisia pontica, lemon balm, hyssop, fennel, coriander, liquorice, angelica, and so on.

Our Libertine® absinthes are made according to authentic late 19th-century recipes. They are created by blending distillates in varying proportions. They contain 55-72 % alcohol by volume and the aromatic notes are very different from one absinthe to another. The colour is entirely natural, developing as chlorophyll is extracted from the plants.

We also offer a choice of accessories such as fountains, spoons, glasses, etc.

morello cherries candied fruits irresistible

Liquor-soaked fruit

Pure indulgence – as any epicurean will tell you, these are simply irresistible!

Our “La Cerise à Paul®” cherries are stoned and then very slightly candied in Kirsch-based liquor (15% alcohol per volume). They can be used in so many ways, such as enhancing a dessert (ice cream, fruit salad, black forest gateau, etc.) or to decorate a cocktail. Or use them with a roast or duck.

Also available: Prunes and mirabelles.

craft beers la Welche organic malt

La Welche® beers

We offer a selection of craft beers from the Pays Welche brewery in Lapoutroie, on the Alsatian slopes of the Vosges. The brewery produces different kinds of beers in 33 cl bottles: lager, amber ale and white (wheat) beer, and also Spring and Christmas beers in season.
They are all made using organic malt and according to traditional brewing methods. These are non-pasteurised, non-filtered top-fermented beers, which are then refermented in the bottle.

Special packs including glasses are also available. A great gift idea!


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